We listen. Our buildings speak.

Design Leadership

We create imaginative, inspired and transformative architecture. Architecture established by a collective sense of what is possible. Architecture built on client and community needs and values. Architecture derived from a comprehensive knowledge founded on 50 years of experience. We thrive on the complex. We seek exciting and innovative solutions. We delight in the recognition that something worthwhile has been created. We listen. Our buildings speak.

Our Team Awards

Our Design Philosophy

We are experienced in encouraging lively exchanges of ideas and opinions on programming and design. During the process we use on site work sessions, and comparative sketches along with actual and virtual models to explain how agreed upon objectives will be reflected in the building design.

The success of Finegold Alexander Architects' projects results from our proven ability to balance the goal of design excellence within the realistic parameters of budget and schedule. Throughout the planning stages of a project, a variety of architectural concepts are fully explored in relation to aesthetics, function, site and environmental issues, engineering requirements, energy conservation, accessibility, cost, and schedule.

Our design process, combined with our approach to creating a collaborative relationship between client and A/E team, allow us to produce an especially high quality of work within the established timeframe.

Featured Projects

Building it Green

'Designing in an ecologically sustainable manner is the moral imperative of our time.'

~Moe Finegold, FAIA

We embrace opportunity to develop sustainable energy sources and with the common sense of new planning and design create spaces in a holistic approach to energy conservation. Interior finishes, materials and natural/artificial lighting are among initiatives that we can suggest and include to reduce energy use.

Sustainable Projects

Adaptive Use & Restoration

Since our founding in the 60s, Finegold Alexander Architects has been adapting, preserving, restoring and renovating a wide variety of building types of all ages and sizes in a variety of contexts from campuses and neighborhoods, to downtowns and waterfronts.

Our earliest projects helped establish national standards for saving important structures at a time when renewal meant removal. Additional repurposing has involved converting numerous mills, schools and factories to new uses-even converting a city jail into housing!

National icons, such as the restoration of Ellis Island, became part of our portfolio and our long-time staff have gained superior skills in reimagining existing buildings. We take pride in our ability to 'find' space and known for our imaginative approaches to fitting program into existing footprints

Renovation Projects

The more Information you have

BIM (Building Information Modeling) supports quick communication and thorough information exchange between our architects and consultants, ultimately enabling the design team to spend more time developing designs and less time on coordination. It facilitates the identification of inconsistencies and opportunities that would otherwise emerge much later in the design process, when it is considerably harder to adjust. This, ultimately, allows for better design decision to be made early , resulting in a better building, in all aspects.

As a visualization tool, BIM allows clients to participate more easily in the design discussions. The nature of BIM allows for a straight forward and palatable representation of the building through the creation of 3d environments.

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