From Government Building to Family Home


The Salem Jail Residences project was featured on CBS News’ Moneywatch Blog. Click here to read the full blog.

The Old Salem Jail is located in the historic part of Salem, Massachusetts, where rumors of hauntings run rampant dating from the community’s famous witch trials. The jail is no exception, since it was once the site of frequent hangings. Despite its spooky past, it’s now a residential area with an updated design by architecture firm Finegold Alexander Architects.

Originally built in 1813, the granite, 15,000-square-foot building functioned as a prison until 1984, when inmates sued over poor living conditions. Until then, it had been the oldest jail in the U.S. Now, the property features 17 two-bedroom, two-bathroom condos; a former jailkeepers’ house divided into three private-entry homes; a restaurant; exhibition space; and a new building with eight two-bedroom, two-bathroom duplexes.