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Cambridge Gas Light Building to be Re-Imagined and Transformed

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – October 10, 2019 – Finegold Alexander Architects proudly announces the firm has been selected to design and collaborate on the construction of a mixed-use building consisting of a 37-room boutique hotel and commercial space in Cambridge. Finegold Alexander will design the hotel at 727 Massachusetts Avenue in a building formerly known as the Cambridge Gas Light Building. The building – along with its future hotel – is being developed by Chevron Partners, a Boston-based fully integrated boutique real estate development firm known for rehabilitation and modernization of historical properties.
727 Massachusetts Avenue is an exquisite historical structure; the façade has been lovingly restored, with the replication of historical cast iron sconces sourced through Adige Design. The former Cambridge Gas Light Building will retain its original existing base, which will remain open for retail and office occupancy. The hotel will be built atop the 1910-building, creating an modern and vibrant design, while paying homage to the historic roots of the City of Cambridge.

“Chevron Partners is thrilled to collaborate and work with Finegold Alexander Architects on this one-of-a-kind development that will marry together styles both old and new,” said Marcel Safar, Founding Partner of Chevron Partners, “Finegold has understood Chevron Partners’ vision and tirelessly worked the design to achieve the delicate balance between historical restoration and striking modern design that is the hallmark of Chevron Partners’ developments.” “The concept for the hotel will be design-focused, with an investment in higher end finishes and products,” added Julian Bluemle, Design Development Manager of 727 at Chevron Partners. “The boutique-style hotel focuses on the user’s interior comfort, featuring generously sized bedrooms, quality linens, in-room amenities including modern Italian kitchenettes with high-end appliances, designer furniture and lighting, strong servers, WIFI, and printing to create an experience that truly feels like a high quality home away from home,” says Cheryl Bratsos, Director of Design at Chevron Partners. “We believe creative and attractive aesthetic design is at the heart of real estate value creation, and we are excited to bring this concept to Cambridge.”

“Building upon the existing base of 727 Massachusetts Avenue will transform the street scape in Central Square,” states Ellen Anselone, principal at Finegold Alexander, “while maintaining one of its historic facades, truly marking the neighborhood.” The property is centrally located between Kendall Square and Harvard Square, and steps away from public transportation.

The building site occupies 121 linear feet of frontage along the North side of Massachusetts Avenue right in the heart of Cambridge’s Central Square. Chevron Partners is in the process of receiving approval from the City and upon approval, expects construction to be completed by Winter 2022. 727 Massachusetts Avenue will make up seven floors, with the ground level consisting of lobby and retail space, second floor as office space, and the third floor consisting of both offices and boutique hotel rooms. Floors three through six will offer 37 hotel rooms in total, with a roof deck facing Massachusetts Ave on the fourth floor.

Finegold Alexander Architects was the Architect of Record for another of Boston’s boutique hotels, built from two historic buildings – the award-winning Godfrey Hotel in the Downtown Crossing District of Boston. The Godfrey Hotel project involved the adaptive use of two historic buildings — the 1904 Amory and the 1908 Blake buildings — both significant examples of early 20th-century high style commercial buildings, originally designed by Architect Arthur H. Bowditch. Both building’s façades retained most of their original character-defining features above the second floor, while the ground-level storefronts have compatible new interpretations.

727 Massachusetts Avenue, along with 256 – 260 Newbury, are Chevron Partners’ extension of their Parisian luxury Maison Brand into the hotel sector. 256 – 260 Newbury will be the first of its kind in Boston, with an iconic alteration of a portion of the front façade, featuring cast glass and glass bricks, replicating all historical details, and an extraordinary rooftop Penthouse. In addition, Chevron Partners is currently developing Maison Commonwealth, continuing on their Maison Brand development at Maison Vernon, that brought a true Parisian European historical/modern balance to the boutique condominium development in Boston.

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